Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not much accomplished

No sewing today!! The head cold is taking it's course and I am feeling much better. Not exactly looking forward to overtime but thems the breaks. I have decided to start a new project and hope to have it cut out tomorrow. Or at least something new on the design

The baby quilt is not done yet. The head cold knocked me for a loop and now that I am feeling better I am hoping to finish it this week sometime. The shower was today but the gal at work said it was not necessary to have it done for the shower. It is her twin sister and she had plenty of things for the shower.

I am taking crotcheting to work tomorrow. The system  takes long to load that I should be able to make a few dish clothes this week. I would like to quilt but that is too hard to do at work, unless I have binding to do. And nothing is quite there yet.

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