Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More about the Shop Hop

It has been a busy week and it is only Tuesday. I still have two more shops to visit to finish the shop hop. I am hoping to finish them on Saturday. I have signed up for overtime for this week except for Friday, when Jennifer will be here for Friday Night Sew In.  I am going to work on a baby quilt for a gal at work. She is surprising her sister with the quilt. I have no idea what Jennifer is going to do. Perhaps more flowers for her grandmother's flower garden.

Here is what else followed me home from the Shop Hop. This is a piece that looks good with the aqua/turquoise pieces I bought Labor Day. I  am thinking about something for my bathroom as all the fixtures are that color.

A few more pieces of flannel for my flannel quilt.

And another piece of 30's print and yet another shot of the bathroom fabric.

I am hoping to get to the sewing room this weekend. I miss sewing, but the Shop Hop was a blast. I think I have satisfied my sewing fix for a while.

In stitches,

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CatQuilter said...

You were a very good girl, Judy. If that's all you purchased on the Shop Hop, then you are a far more disciplined person than me!