Thursday, September 16, 2010

One More Day to Friday Night Sew In

Tomorrow is Friday Night Sew In and I am getting ready for this event. Jennifer is joining me, dinner is planned, {pasta under homemade spaghetti sauce, salad, and beer bread}, but the project is still iffy. I need to cut tonight but I am working overtime and having people over to work on my new home office. I cut in the same area that the home office is being worked on. I am either going to work on a baby quilt for a gal at work or finish snipping the flannel rag quilt for my nephew or any of the myriad of projects setting around here waiting patiently for attention. So many decisions so little time!!!

This is a quilt I made several years ago using my stash. I like bright and cheery and this one fits the bill. I am trying to share with you some of my finished work. Jennifer has been photographing my quilts and I have found lots of them now that I have installed Picasa on my computer. It is like revisiting old friends!!!!

In stitches,

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CatQuilter said...

Have fun at your sew-in! Dinner sounds really yummy!