Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend wrap up

I just finished a 4 day weekend and I did accomplish quite a lot. I finished two projects, started cleaning the sewing room and the unfinished side of the basement,  did some cooking, and spent time with friends and family.

The Winter Olympic table runner is finished. I put the last stitches in the binding at the concert on Saturday night. It was a project some one had given me and all I had to do was add the batting and backing. I also did the hand quilting on it.

I finished the quilt for Bailey. 72 pairs of squares. Based on the Memory game for children. Mom and dad will be able to put Bailey on the quilt and have her locate the matching square for whatever square they pick. 

The sewing room was horrid. But with some work by myself and Jennifer it is starting to look much better. I am starting to carpeting. The unfinished side of the basement is starting to take shape. I have been in the house for almost 3 yrs and I found a couple of boxes that need unpacking. I did empty several over the weekend and bagged up 3 bags of trash and junk. Yeah!!

I went shopping on Friday after the mechanic hooked up my AC in my car. He had unhooked the AC so I could get some lukewarm heat this past winter, but with all my overtime at work I was unable to get back to the mechanic for the AC fix. It is awesome to have AC in these warm days of summer in Ohio. I bought a racy red crockpot. I had contacted Rival after my lid for my crockpot cracked. They do not seem to make replacemet lids for crockpots that are 30 years old. Mine was a wedding present in 1979. The marriage lasted for only 19 years. I have been cooking up a storm with the new crockpot. I have made homemade spaghetti sauce for my freezer and home made beef stew for the gals at work today. Tonight before going to bed I will put in meatless chili. I am trying to build up my freezer so I won't have to cook dinner and give myself more time for sewing after work.

I went to a concert in DeVoue Park in Kentucky on Saturday night to hear the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra. They did 60's music. It was a very nice evening of music and very low humidity. Almost sweater weather.  That is where I finished the binding on my table runner and sewed up the big hole in my bag for my chair in a bag.

The next project in the sewing room is to cut out more 30's prints for several projects. 6" squares for Scrappity-do-dah from McCall's America Makes Fast Quilts. From each piece I am also cutting a 2.5" strip and adding a bleached muslin piece to make pinwheel blocks using Thangles. I would like to make a smallish wall hanging for my living room and a much bigger wall hanging to put over my bed. I need 440 six inch blocks for the quilt so I cut when I can. I am not sure how many blocks I have so far. I keep collecting 30's prints whenever I am out and about.

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