Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday's trip to JoAnn's

I worked 8 hours today. Only 3.5 hours were overtime since I went home early on Wednesday to doctor the kidney stone. Of course, there is a JoAnn's right by work and all I needed was some elastic for the handles of my shopping bags. It should have been a quick in/out trip. But it wasn't. Christmas is coming and I am getting ready to make a rag quilt for my nephew. He is 5. Flannel was on sale and I picked these pieces for the beginnings of the rag quilt. I am going to cut the squares and use them as "leaders and enders" to sew the "X" on each pair of squares.

Here is the blue flannel for the back of the quilt along with the elastic for shopping bag handles.

The holiday stuff is coming out. Here are 4 stars that I found in a box of Christmas picks. I am going to add them to the patriotic decorations in my hasket on my front door.

And lastly, I need a new belt. My pants seem to be going south, so I am going to make a belt tomorrow so my pants will stay put.

In stitches,


Judy said...

The flannel is going to make a very cute quilt. He will love it! Hope you are feeling better. Yeah for needing a belt. ;)

Linda and Piwacket said...

That super Joann's is dangerous! I hope that kidney stone disintegrates soon.