Friday, August 13, 2010


I am trying to organize my sewing space and that alone is a big job. So every few moment I am slaving away in my sewing. This morning it is the magazine mess. I am putting the whole magazine in 3 ring binders with these.

The next project is to pare down the magazines. I love getting and looking at magazines for inspiration, but there are some magazines that have absolutely nothing that floats my boat in them. Those are being asked to leave the sewing space. There are too many patterns that are free on the internet and I have EQ7 and lots of books. I should be able to find a pattern when I am ready to start something new.

I made soup last night in my quest to cook in the crock pot overnight. I used a pre-packaged soup mix from our local Amish store that had some kind of pasta, yellow lentils, and split peas in it. To that I added carrots, onions, tomatoes, ham, garlic, and water. It cooked all night on low (not warm) and it smells so good. I am trying to get it cooled down so it can go in the refrigerator while I am at work. I will take a bowl with me to work.  I am not sure what is going in the pot tonight if anything.

In stitches,

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