Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No sewing today

No sewing done tonight. I did get a lot done today yet again, thanks to the new medication. I am still not sleeping as much at night. I did cook again last night and the chili is in the freezer. I have a hunk of pork in the crock pot with a homemade rub on it and a bunch of onions. I am hoping for pulled pork BBQ in the morning. I am still learning about my crock pot. I cooked the chili last night on "warm". I am glad it was just chili and did not need any real cooking. Tonight I am using low.

I am delivering Bailey's quilt tomorrow. I spoke to her mom after work today and she is so excited. I hope Bailey gets to use the quilt. I have a lead on another quilt a different gal at work wants. Something to display the ribbons her daughter won while competing with her horse. And two quilts for Christmas. One will be a flannel rag quilt for my nephew. I need to start collecting boy type flannel. I gave his sister one and now he wants one, too. It should be a piece of cake to do. Mine is full/queen and his will be much smaller.

It rained here today and I did not have to go out and water my meager garden. Most of it is dead. And a lot did not get planted. There is always next year. I seem to have big plans but little time. Of course, we did bunches of overtime this spring and most of summer. It looks like they may not need volunteers for Saturday. Oh darn, I will have to stay home and sew. I have a new idea roaming around in my brain. I am going to take some measurements and start cutting and sewing. Perhaps it will be done by the time the weekend is over. I will keep you posted.

I am going to go and try and get some sleep. Most days I am up by 5 so I had better lay down now.

In stitches,

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