Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kidney stones suck!!

This is what we found on the front window of the office this morning. Some of the biggest Praying Mantises we had ever seen. I thought you might be interested in them.

The new medicine still is messing with my life.  I have a huge amount of energy, not sleeping much and last night I had leg cramps. Yuck!!! And if that wasn't bad enough, a kidney stone is on the move. I have a bunch of little ones in both kidneys and today one is on the move. I worked all day long and it was not fun. I stopped at the store after work and it got worse. I ate a light dinner and took something for the pain and ususally it makes me sleepy, not a chance today. I am starting to wind down now and I will take another pill for the pain and turn in.

Today was the day I gave Shannon the quilt for her daughter, Bailey. She was so excited!! Here is a picture of her and the quilt. The black and white is skull and crossbones with pink bows on the skulls and that is the backing.

In stitches,

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