Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend wrap up


I have joined the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and this month the color is blue. I have lots of ideas rattling around in my head. I am so excited to be back at work after being out of work for almost a month but the overtime is cutting into my sewing time. I finally got to get back to the sewing room this afternoon. Not much to show for it. And nothing blue. I have been pulling blue thoughts together and have lots of things I would like to do. I think I have settled on two blue projects.

One needs 32 charm squares and the other needs various blue strips.This is my blue project cut out.  I am thinking that the really old stuff in my stash is going to be chopped into squares and strips. Indeed, I did cut the out stuff out of my stash. There were things in my stash from 1992. That makes some of stash 19 years old!!! There is not much in the way of blue scraps in my scrap basket. Green and brights are more my style. 

In stitches,

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