Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hump day


It's hump day!!! And tomorrow we are supposed to be getting more snow. After all, the snow we had on the ground has started to turn black and yucky. I was starting to see the brown grass in my yard and I kinda liked the look of the brown grass. But we are expecting upwards of 6 inches of fresh, white snow. I have my car packed with all the important stuff. A shovel, a broom, melting compound, a blanket, and my overnight case. In case the roads are too bad to travel home, I have a friend who will put me up for the night. I have pretreated my porch and parts of my driveway.
I am going to bed soon so I can get up early and do the mandatory hour of overtime at work.I have successfully downloaded another book into my IPOD. I listen to them while I am working. This will not last much longer, we are changing back into a call center starting January 31st until we are permanently closed on February 25th. Yeah!!! 

No sewing yet again. I finished my back pack over the weekend and I did mark a few squares for the quilt I am hand piecing. And I went out and bought some more yellow for UFO #6. I keep thinking that I will be cutting that out one of these evenings but it has not happened yet. We are working again on Saturday so maybe after work on Saturday, I will be able to cut and sew.

In stitches,

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