Tuesday, January 11, 2011



In 2011 I have signed up for three challenges and I think I am going to be able to finish all three of them for January. In fact, I did finish the monochromatic challenge at Patchwork Times for January. Yellow. I made a lovely yellow shopping bag that I am taking the stuff I need for work. It is certainly a sunny thing to carry in all the gray, snowy weather we are having in Ohio. More snow is on the way today!!

I am also doing Rainbow Challenge and the color for January is blue. I am making a blue backpack. I cut up a lot of blue fabric this weekend. I cut charm squares for the backpack and have enough squares {less two} to make a second back pack which would make a nice gift. I also cut strips for a string quilt. And some 3.5 x 7.5 inch rectangles for another project for a later date. This will make a lovely blue and white quilt but not this month.

I am also doing the UFO challenge at Patchwork Times. UFO number 6 was picked for this month. It is a baby quilt I designed on EQ7. I worked on this project over the weekend and I am ready to cut it out and start sewing on it. It will be a baby quilt on hand just in case. 

Work has picked up and overtime has kicked in. Last week I did 15 hours of overtime, 4 which were mandatory. This week the mandatory overtime has kicked up to 13 hours including all day on Saturday. Certainly cuts into my sewing time! And snow is in the forecast for today and that will lower the number of workers who will come to work. Many of our workers do not drive in the snow. I will be leaving shortly for work and my car is packed for any weather emergency. I have my snow shovel, a broom, a long handled broom with a scraper on the end, my boots, and melting compound. The long handled broom goes in the office with me. I can then brush off my car at the driver's door and not get snow in the car when I go to start it after work. I hate sitting in the wet seat on the way home. 

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