Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Windy Tuesday

Here in my part of Ohio the weathermen always try to scare us with "white death" concerning snowstorms. Yesterday and today they are hyping "the wind of doom". We are expecting rain, high winds, and perhaps a tornado warning. A good thing we are in a drought or our trees could be uprooted! And please secure your Halloween decorations. And don't forget your power could go out. These seem to be things I have no control over. It will be interesting at work, I am on the fifth floor in front of plate glass windows and that is funky in windy weather.

I came home from my small quilting group last night and exercised for 20 minutes on my Gazelle and then I sewed the last two blocks on each row of my flannel quilt and then sewed four rows together. I have three more rows to add to this and then I can start on the piecing the back. I want to use up all the leftover pieces. Then I will layer it and start hand quilting it.

The next project on the drawing board is a new shower curtain. I went to JoAnn's after work last night and got two packages of grommets. The directions were very clear and I should have a new shower curtain by the end of the week. Yeah!!

In stitches,

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Charlene S said...

Just be careful with that wind.