Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday stuff

It has been a very good Wednesday, only two more days until the weekend. No sewing was done today, but I did get my badges at Pogo, my other hobby. I made an appointment with my mechanic to see how much it is going to cost me to get the heat fixed in my car. Last year we jerry rigged it and it worked OK as long as you did not want bunches of heat. It had good heat if you were having hot flashes and I wasn't having hot flashes at all. Without having a job after February first, the new car is going bye bye and I need to fix the car that is paid for.

Friday night will be another Friday Night Sew In. Jennifer is joining me again for our regular Friday night of sewing. I am going to continue to work on my flannel quilt. I am also piecing the back. I am going to put it in the frame and hand quilt it with perle cotton using big running stitches. The frame will not go up until after Thanksgiving. I am having a houseful for the holiday and there is no room for both at this time.

It rained tonight. Thunder, lightning, wind, and rain. It sounds horrible and it lasted only about 20 minutes or so. And now my yard is littered with pretty leaves from the neighbor's trees. I have two ornamental pears in my front yard that will still have leaves on them at Thanksgiving and the huge Maple in the back will drop all of it's leaves after the city stops picking up leaves. None of my leaves change color, except from green to brown. None of the pretty colors that show up in the trees in my neighborhood. But I love my house and like the shade and I can get my color in other places.

In stitches,

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