Friday, October 29, 2010

Here comes the weekend!!

It's Friday and the weekend is here!! Are you sewing this weekend? I know I am! It is supposed to be cooler outside and I need to be in my well insulated {with fabric} sewing room. The flannel quilt is still calling my name as well as the shower curtain and I need a shopping bag/tote bag to carry my stuff back and forth to the new office. We have not seen the space and have no idea how much room we will have. I am also toying with idea of making these bags for some of the gals at work as they leave the department. One gal I know of is leaving on Wednesday. I would like to have several of these bags done to pass out as they leave. It is a handy size for shopping.

I spent my day yesterday working on the packing of my desk area. I have taken a crate and 3 bags of stuff to my car and this is what I still have to pack. I have a tote under my desk for the "important" stuff and this is the on the bubble stuff. I have until 4PM to make my final decisions.

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karen said...

My word, where did you put all that stuff? guess it shows that your office space is your "home" away from home. we do tend to aquire things slowly, them boom!!! look what we have. have a good weekend.