Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moving Preparations

We are moving yet again at work. It seems we move every couple of month anymore. This should be our last move as we are being outsourced in February, 2011. I am packing up my stuff yet again and putting it in my car. I will take only a few things with me to the new office space. I am getting a desk! Some of my co-workers will be going to a conference room. I am going back on the phones, which is where I started this journey almost 5 years ago. Today we are having a carry in and I made the Velveeta and chilis dip to serve over tortilla chips. It is easy and I started it last night. It is in my crock pot and in my refrigerator. I am watching what I eat and I will have a salad and a Lean Cuisine. And we are one floor away from the food. Good thing!!

No sewing done last night. I am working on the backing for my flannel quilt. It is scrappy. I am using all the pieces leftover from the front of the quilt. Pieced backs are so pretty but some times they are harder to put together than scrappy tops.

In stitches,

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