Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday with Karen

My sister, Karen, came and spent the day with me and we did all kinds of fun things. She is making a rag quilt and she has a crappy rotary cutter. She brought it with her and I checked it out and indeed it is crappy. I finished cutting flannel. I was able to take the leftovers for the backing of my flannel quilt. I am going to piece the backing. I will have lots of different fabrics for the back.

Next we ran up the street to Jungle Jim's to see our mom and drop off a few things for her. Then we went thru the drive thru at Mickey D's for her lunch. I am on a liquid diet so all I got to do was smell her lunch.

Then we went out to take pictures. We do the right, left, straight stragedy. We got some really cool shots. Check out My Picture Picture to see more of shots I got today.

And then back to my house to finish cutting flannel for her rag quilt and make a cape for a pumpkin for the pumpkin decorating contest at the hospital where she works. Now that is the first time I have ever made a costume for a pumpkin. My sister works in the kitchen at the hospital in Highland County and some times she serves food in the cafeteria. She likes to encourage people buy and eat the food. She calls the carrots "The amazing Orange Orbs of Energy". And her co-workers think that sounds like a super hero and a super hero needs a cape. I will let you know the contest goes.

In stitches,

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