Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew In, Part Two

I am making a scrappy flannel quilt using some new flannels that are bright and cheery and some older flannels from several years back. I thought for sure that I would have gobs of the old stuff leftover, but not a chance. In fact, I am off to the fabric store tomorrow to see if I can find some flannel that looks old. I need about a yard and I am hoping to get several 1/4 yd pieces. The blocks that are finished are looking good. I am hoping to complete the rest of the blocks tomorrow and get the top together.

I also went out and enjoyed the fall afternoon. I went to the local park, took a walk, and took some pictures. Here are a few shots, but you can check out more shots at my other blog, MyPicturePicture. You will also find some pictures of the crane that was busily removing stuff from the roof of our building at work this morning. It was quite interesting.

In stitches,

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