Sunday, October 31, 2010

The weekend wrap up

Jennifer came over Friday night and we worked together on my totes for work. I sewed and she ironed. We were able to get four bases done. Saturday afternoon I did all the machine quilting on the bags and sewed them together. Today I added the binding and handles to the bags. I have one more bag to bind and add the handles to. I was hoping to get started on the shower curtain but I worked on straightening the sewing room. I moved some boxes to the unfinished area of the basement. I have some fabric to press and cut for more bags and I still need to uncover the cutting table. Lately, I have been cutting on the computer table. It works but it would be nice to have the computer table for other things. I also want to put up a few more quilts on the walls down here.

I am going to start another new project. I know that it is a crazy thing to do but I need a something to hand stitch while I am at the guild meeting and our small quilt group meeting. I found this panel and I am going to quickly machine quilt it tonight and put to the binding. Then tomorrow I stitch down the binding.

Tomorrow after work I am going to stop at the local store that sells Bernina Sewing Machines and get some new bobbins. I have to admit that my Bernina came with 6 bobbins when I bought my machine oh so many years ago. Up until Friday night I could show you all 6 of the bobbins, but I lost one while I was sewing. I think it is in the bag with my flannel scraps. When I finish sewing the pieces for the backing I am hopeful that I will find my missing bobbin. That is why I am going to and buy some extra bobbins.

This weekend one of the local radio stations has started playing Christmas music. I am hooked!! I have been listening to it on and off all weekend and I have turned my sister on to it also. I will probably listen to it all the time until Christmas. I know, I am crazy!!

In stitches,

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