Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shopping and sewing

Last night was shopping and sewing with Nicole from the Friday night group. Jennifer was unable to join us for this adventure.

We started at Jungle Jim's for a bit of shopping. And if you have ever been there you know you can get anything there. Here is what we went home with.


Edible flowers and bugs

Not beef jerky, but bufalo jerky, elk jerky

Then back to the house for a sewing lesson. Nicole has never sewed before and since Jennifer and I sew a lot she wanted to learn. I dug out the other machine that I bought for a back up and to do invisible zippers and got it set up for her. She practiced sewing seams and ripping out some nasty stitching. Then she traced out a pattern to make a doggy scarf and I got her some yucky practice fabric to make a practice scarf. She did a very good job and there was lots of laughter in the process. She was able to finish the scarf and next she will use the "good" fabric to make several scarves for her doggy and a friend's doggy. 

I did some sewing on my project but I had to stop when I starting more time with the seam riper and less time at the sewing machine!!!

In stitches,

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