Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Spring!!!


This is what I found in my flower bed this afternoon when I got home from work. It had a been a gray, dreary day and this is what was hiding in amidst the weeds and the dead stuff that I had not gotten out of the flower bed at the end of last season.

I have started out better this week. I have been sewing a little bit every day. On Sunday I hand stitched the binding on my current UFO project. Last night I worked on the hand piecing project. And I made a bag for a gal at work who has a birthday today!! She would have gotten a bag anyway but it will make it special for her birthday. I am going in to work a little bit early to decorate her desk for her birthday. I all the decorations in a bag at Walmart for $4. What a deal!! She was so surprised and touched that we all remembered her birthday and that we decorated her desk and got her a cake!!

In stitches,

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nicole said...

youre too sweet, all of us who are know you are blessed to know you!