Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stuff and Such

Challenges for March are not going well. I have figured out that I cannot do the brown monochromatic challenge at Patchwork Times!! I do not own brown fabric. I have tan, beige, off white and unbleached but no brown. And I had a idea percolating in my brain for this brown challenge. And my sister, Karen, would have liked it as it was going to be another art quilt with embellishments and beads. I am not going to buy brown fabric in order to do this challenge. Oh well.

I finished a "Lily" bag for the trainer at work. She is leaving to go back to St. Louis on Friday. She likes purple. Each of my bags have names. The biggest is Lily after my niece,

the middle one is the Bailey bag after a gal work's daughter,

and the smallest is a Maddie bag after my sister's grand baby.


I also finished cutting the remaining 39 rectangles for my hand piecing project that I am working on at work while my system is clocking. I also cut out more 3.5" squares for the quilt. I am not sure if I have enough squares but I can always cut more. 

I am doing a Leaders and Enders project using the techniques I learned here. I found a stack of 3" squares in my stash and I have cut a bunch of 2.5" white squares to match up with the squares from my stash. I will put them together in a checkerboard pattern. Strictly scrappy and all from my stash. Shopping from my stash in my mantra in 2011!!

This is quilt I did many years ago. It is completely by hand because my sewing machine was getting a much needed tune up at the time and I could not stop quilting. After I finished quilting it by hand, I gave it a bath in a tea bath. It made everything look antique even though it wasn't. 

Today is my early day at work and I got an exemption from overtime today as I have a meeting to attend tonight. 

In stitches,

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Deborah said...

Does Brown have to be dark? some of your bow ties I would have called brown... Certainly I hope so or my idea is another failure (i was clearly informed that even the white lace on my January one meant it was not monochromatic)