Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shopping with the girls

Last night was dinner and shopping with my Friday night craft gals. We had a blast. Nicole is the youngest and she does not sew. Our first stop was JoAnn's to pick up some thread. She picked out 4 random spools for me to use on my bags. Then she picked out fabric to make scarves for her doggy and a doggy friend. The fabric matched the thread without trying. Soon I will be teaching her to make doggy scarves. And in the process teaching her to sew! I taught her to crotchet so this would be the next progression one would think!! Knitting is also on the horizon. 

Then to we went to Bob Evans for dinner and shopping at Walmart. Three women can certainly fill a cart with the most unusual things. A blender to make drinks, sand paper, ether net cord, veggies, and yogurt. And lots of laughter and stares from our fellow shoppers. Oh well!!

I have three more strips to make on my hand piecing project. I am almost done with the hand piecing. I will post pictures soon. It is at work right now. 

In stitches,

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