Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wow What a Week so far!!!

It is only Wednesday and boy what a week. No sewing done this weekend, but I was able to complete all my continuing education stuff for my Pharm Tech certification. I will now be certified for another two years. Yeah!! Monday was my first day at work after be reinstating. All my seniority, my shift,  and pay has been restored to what it was before I left in December. Yeah, again!! Had more training on Monday and then the overtime during the week has been lifted. We will still have overtime on Saturday. It has been nice to leave work at 4:30 and it is still light out. Of course, most nights I am too tired to do anything but I need to get my body adjusted to getting up at 5AM. 

Jennifer and Nicole are coming back on Friday night for our craft night. Nicole is making some incredible crocheted projects and she is getting ready for a craft show and her fingers are flying. Jennifer is still working on her Grandmother's Flower Garden and I am making bags!! We are busy lot. It will be so much fun to see both of them. It was a long hard winter for all of us. 

I have named the quilt I am hand piecing at work. "My system is still clocking". A good name, I think. I have focused on making strips this week and so far have finished 5 strips. I am using lots of bright colored rectangles and this is helping as we do not seem to have much brightness outside right now. Spring is coming this weekend I am sure of it. I am just looking for a little bit of sunshine!!

In stitches,

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Anonymous said...

Judy, Can thoroughly understand your elation at completing the certification process! Last year was my year to do the same (end of July). Am retiring at the end of this April and am doing casual on call after that. Haven't decided if next time around I'll recert. Am looking forward to many days of quilting a bike riding (motorcycle) ahead. The best to you!! Doreen