Monday, March 7, 2011

Design Wall

Nothing on my design wall today. I have been making bags but for right now they are done. I have been working on my hand piecing project but that is on my desk at work and not on my design wall. I have pulled out several pieces of fabric to make some maternity tops for my sister. {hi Patty} but I won't be starting them this week. Check out Patchwork Times and see all the pretty things

We have been notified at work that our mandatory overtime has to be done at the end of our shifts and starting today I will not be leaving the office until 7PM. That will seriously cut down on my sewing time. And of course, there is still mandatory Saturdays to contend with. It is going to be yet another long week. 

In stitches,


Chris said...

Hopefully you can squeeze in a few minutes of fun time with all the work.

Marti said...

Yikes, that is a long day! And Saturday too. I hope it ends soon so you can get in some sewing. Take care.