Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making Progress


I am making good progress on my hand piecing project. I need to assemble 4 more strips and then join them together and add that to the 17 row piece that is on my desk at work. Yeah!! I have started a new quilt that I am aiming to have finished for the Brown Bag Challenge. I need to be at the sewing machine today after work. I need to finish assembling the top and get it pin basted so I can start quilting it tomorrow evening. It is only 65 x 78. I really like this pattern and I am thinking about making it bigger for my bed and using my 30's prints. Just a thought. 

On the work front, I have been reinstated with my seniority and my old shift. My benefits kick in on Friday and I will be able to sign up for FMLA for my Lupus. I just need to get the paperwork to my doctor. Soon I will start stockpiling PTO hours! I am hoping for a long weekend in NYC with my kids and their puppy, Frankie!!

In stitches,

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nicole said...

you are the bomb, oh and i <3 you for thinking of me tonight