Friday, April 1, 2011

A real weekend!!

It appears that the mandatory Saturday overtime is done for now. Yeah!! This will be two weekends in a row. I have big plans for the next two days. Tonight is craft night with Jennifer and Nicole. Nicole has been redrafting the pattern for doggy scarves and it should be done tonight. She has fabric to make 5 more scarves and she just started sewing on Wednesday. No telling what will come out of Jennifer's bag. She always has something interesting to share. I myself will be the bag lady. 

Saturday will be a welcome home party for my nephew who is home from Afghanistan, it will be good to see everyone. It has been a long winter. And Sunday will be sewing, sewing, sewing. 

The new monochromatic color at Judy L's is Orange. I like orange and I own orange  fabric. Just need a few ideas. That will come with time. I am so proud of myself that I got the March UFO challenge finished and delivered.

The hand piecing project is now 18 out of 27 rows long. Yeah!! It will become a machine project soon. And then hand sewing the binding down. Maybe it will become a fair project. I need to dig out my book from last year and see what category it will fall into. I did not do anything for the fair last year. There is a category for it if I hand quilt it. And that is an option I need to consider.
Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

In stitches,

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