Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday night craft night

Tonight was craft night at my house. Nicole is learning to sew and it has been so many years since I learned to sew, I cannot remember what the best project for a beginner would be. So far she has made a scarf for her dog and is working on a tote bag for her grandmother. It is coming along quite nicely. She will be back later this weekend to finish it as her grandmother's birthday is Tuesday. 

Jennifer worked on her Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt tonight. She is making flowers right now. 

I have been having computer issues here at the house. My zoomtown is running faster on my big computer but it has not changed anything with my other issues. I suppose I will have to do something about it tomorrow.  

I brought my hand piecing home from work today and here is the first 18 rows that are sewn together. It will finish at 70" x 81". I am thinking about hand quilting it. That is always a restful thing for me to do.

In stitches,

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