Monday, April 18, 2011

Quilting styles

Have you ever thought about what your quilting style is? I have given this some thought over this past weekend and here are my thoughts on it. I have been quilting for over 20 years now and when I started, I pieced every thing on my sewing machine but quilted by hand. I did not finish many quilts at that time. I made mostly wall hangings. That was something I could finish. Then I had kids. Two in fact and that really cut down on my quilting time. I did some cutting, piecing, but not much quilting. I did make clothes for both of kids and built my stash!!

As the years have passed I have found that machine quilting any project is perfectly fine and things get done faster. I am a passable machine quilter and practicing and learning with each project.

But I am finding that I really enjoy hand piecing. I am currently working on a project that I started at work while my computer was clocking. Now that project is almost completed and I have found something else to start hand piecing. I remember cutting this one out when I was in the first building our department started in. That was 3 buildings and I think 13 or 14 desks ago!! I cut a few more background pieces and marked them all and I will probably start on this new project sometime today!!

I am thinking that these two projects along with my flannel quilt which is UFO #4 will all be hand quilted. Of course, it is spring and then summer and it is not the best time to start hand quilting. But I have never been conventional in my quilting style so why start now!!!

In stitches,

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