Friday, April 29, 2011


It is hard to believe that April is almost gone and that May is rushing towards us! I live in southwest Ohio and it has rained here, alot. At least 13 inches of rain for the month of April. Everything is greening up and the grass is growing very tall. Today the sun is supposed to be out. I hope I recognize it!!

I have been doing bits of sewing. I have started a new hand piecing project. I found most of it already cut out in my sewing room. I did have to cut out some more background pieces. Good thing I am using bleached muslin, cause I have a bunch of that. I have made the bases of several bags and I am hoping that my Friday night crafters will be interested in doing the quilting on them. Jennifer and Nicole have started making quilts. They have raided my stash of homespuns and they are both making similar quilts using my stash. They are each making queen size quilts and there will be some homespuns leftover for me!!

It is time to start my moon flower seeds. I would like them to be blooming early in the summer instead of late in the summer. They are the most amazing flowers and they smell awesome. And they bloom only at night.

Enjoy the day, the weekend is almost upon us!!!


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