Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Fun

My weekend started last night with the Friday night crafters. I worked on my bags, Jennifer alternated between an embroidery piece and ironing home spun fabrics, which Nicole was cutting for the quilts they are working on. We had a great time with lots conversation and laughter. We had an early night as everyone was tired and Nicole was going to work early for some over time. 

My sister, Karen, is coming today to spend the day with me. We are going to go to Butler County in Ohio to take pictures. We are looking for that perfect shot to enter in the Butler County fair in July. The sun is supposed to be out and no rain. I am sure that we will see some flooded creeks and fields. Such is spring in Ohio.

Work is going well. I am now working from home and I love it. I can start dinner in my crock pot and do laundry while I am working. That is so cool. And next week my free mulch from the city is coming. I sure hope the rain stops so I can get started on my yard work!!

In stitches,


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