Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just a quick note....

Tomorrow is hump day and the last day I am working this week. I ended up doing 5 hours yesterday. We had to work yesterday, no holiday for us. But the boss did cook for us. Hotdogs and burgers. Everyone was to bring a dish. I did homemade apple pie. I brought home an empty pie pan. I am hoping to squeeze some sewing in this weekend. I have a bit of  sewing to do for others. Alterations! And transfer some patterns for redwork for my sister. When I picked up these pieces for her, I made sure that there was something quilting related. She will do the embroidery for me. I am not good at that. This is my sister, Karen, working on a quilt for her art guild.

Here is a picture of downtown Hamilton, Ohio, my hometown. It was an awesome day on the 4th of July with the family, the concert in the gazebo, and the parade. Then back to my mom's for dinner.

In stitches,

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karen said...

Hey sis- I love the new look of the blog. and i think you need a new pic of me, with my new look. see ya friday!!