Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer band concerts

I love going to summer band concerts. Most times in a local park, sometimes to hear my sister play, and like tonight under the parking garage in downtown Hamilton. I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio and today we got quite a bit of rain. The outdoor concert was moved to under the parking garage. The city closed the road off at both ends and it was music time. Tonight's featured band was the The Klaberheads.  A fun, lively group.  My mom made dinner and we were joined by my sister, Becky. 

We took a stroll to the river before the concert started.

Of course, no sewing was done today. But there is always tomorrow!!

In stitches,

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Jandi said...

Sounds like fun! I keep missing the outdoor concerts here. I hope we make it to one before the snow starts to fall again!