Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to clean off your sewing surface....

I figured out how to clean off my sewing surface last night. Start machine quilting a smallish quilt and think it is a good idea to leave things around the sewing surface. I am merrily quilting along and things are falling off the table and onto my feet and the area around the table. I did move the big and the heavy things before I started quilting. The small things moved themselves. I am coming home from work tonight and going straight to the machine. I am hoping to get the quilting done tonight and the binding put on so I have some hand stitching to do at my sister's concert in the park on Wednesday. I am sure I can find some hand stitching to do if I am not finished. I have two concerts this week. Once with the University of Cincinnat Alumni Band and the other with Cincinnati Pops Orchestra.

In stiches,


jillquilts said...

That's too funny! Nice to see you in the blog world! ;)

bettyp said...

Thats funny!!! Hope you do get to finish it and enjoy the 2 concerts!!