Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lights and Water

I now have lights and water. I have always had both but I now have a new ballast in the basement sewing area and lots light. There are now 5 lights in the sewing room. And I now have a very messy but well lite sewing room. I have taken some "before" pictures and soon I will be taking "after" pictures.

I also have a new shut off valve for my outside faucet in the back of the house and a new outside faucet in the front of the house. I used the new faucet this evening to water my flowers. It was really cool. My friend, Jennifer, has a son who is a plumber and he did all the work this afternoon. Yippee!!!

Jennifer did the sewing today and I did more cutting for a matching game quilt for her grandson. I am hoping to do some sewing tomorrow night.

In stitches,

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