Friday, July 16, 2010


My quilting buddy is my friend, Jennifer. She comes here to quilt about once a week because I have "cool" toys.

 Jennifer was here tonight and while I sewed on my blocks for my "Feedsack" quilt she pressed my scrap box of fabric.

 Most times when Jennifer is here she is sewng and I am cutting her fabric for her next project. I like to cut fabric, but don't much like pressing fabric. Jennifer likes to press fabric and doesn't much like cutting fabric. We mesh together real good.

I sewed tonight and finished all 80 blocks for my quilt. I am hoping to finish the top before the weekend is over. And then start cutting for another project.

As you can see I have the perfect cutting station set up here. Just to the right of this is the TV, VCR, and DVD player. With this set up I can cut for hours.

In stitches,


Jandi said...

Nice set up! My mother and I usually just work on our own projects when we get together. Last time, she pressed my blocks while I sewed and I couldn't believe how much faster it was! I wonder if I can trick her into doing that again! ha!

Judy said...

Maybe you could try bribery!!

bettyp said...

What a great team you have there !! You are blessed for sure!!!