Friday, July 2, 2010

Road trip

Overtime was cancelled tonight. Jennifer was coming over for an evening of sewing so we did a raod trip. The  local quilt shop was having a sale and we went to that and picked up a few pieces, then onto Hancock's to pick up some more University of Michigan fabric for a quilt Jennifer is working on. When we got to Hancock's they did not have the fabric we wanted. So they called a couple of the other stores in the area and found the fabric in Kentucky. Road trip!!! We got the fabric, stopped in to see my sister and I got to do the bath thing with my nephew and then we got ice cream and came back to my house.

Here is a picture of Jennifer with three of her blocks and the quilt from EQ7. We should be able to get the top put together tomorrow. I am doing the grunt work and Jennifer is doing the sewing.

In stitches,


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CatQuilter said...

I think you and Jennifer make a marvelous team! Have to admit though her choice of Michigan fabric is somewhat suspect - but it IS for a gift. Just teasing, gals, I'm a graduate of THE Ohio State University. Hope to see you soon, Judy.

Love ya,