Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Project

It is time to start a new project. I am making a quilt for the gal at work for her daughter. Her daughter is about 14 months old. I am making a matching quilt. I am cutting 144 five inch squares (two each of 72 different fabrics). It will be a quilt that as the child gets older she will be able to match squares. I made something similar for my niece and nephew and they really enjoy it. My sister keeps it in her car and it has been used often. I am hoping to have the top finished by this weekend and perhaps some of the machine quilting.

I also worked in the sewing room a bit more tonight. It is coming along. I can actually see the carpeting. Yeah!!! Before and after pictures to follow.

In stitches,

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Jandi said...

Good luck with that! I saw one of those in a magazine last year and I have been wanting to make one every since. One day I will have a big enough stash of novelty fabrics to make one!