Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A New Resolve

At our last guild meeting UFO's were featured and how we should either embrace them, change them, or even get rid of them. This is from our last guild meeting.
I have found a hand piecing project that I have worked on over the summer and it is with mixed emotions that I am working on it. I have found that I have measured wrong and where I thought I needed 36 blocks I will only need 20 blocks and I have 19 of them done. For some reason it is not knocking my socks off. I desparately want to put it back in a back and shove it back in a drawer. And I could do that, but I have decided to hand piece the last block and make the small wall hanging. It will be hand pieced and hand quilted and it will make a nice entry in the fair in July. The remaining blocks I will sew together on my machine and make a nice table topper out of. It will machine pieced and either I will keep it or gift to someone. I know I will feel a sense of accomplishment once I have finished both projects!

In stitches,

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