Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday night Sew In results

I started this project last as part of the Joann's Quilt Contest. It got so far and then it stalled. I did not like how it was turning out. I was wanting to put on a certain border and I decided it would clash. So I stopped it. At Christmas time my daughter in law saw the quilt and loved it. But it would need to be queen sized to fit on their bed. I will need to make 90 squares to finish it. Not a problem.

I had a lot of scraps and little pieces leftover from the finished Joann's Contest Quilt so I spent a lot of time sewing them together to make bigger pieces of fabric so I can attach the fusible interfacing circles to the fabric. Then turn out like this.

And then the circles are attached to brown backing squares. I am no where near finished but I am making good progress. Check out Friday Night Sew In to see what others have done!

In stitches,

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KrisD said...

FNSI peek...very cool. I really like the pieced circles.