Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Garmin Test

I tested my Garmin GPS last night after church. It was able to get me home from Kroger's after pumping gas! I has a certain way I go home and my way made the Garmin lady mad. She had to recalculate several times. I am going to program it to get me to my meeting tonight. Of course, it will insist on highway driving but a rush hour I will not get on the highway. That will make the Garmin lady mad. Oh well.

I have been toying with a few ideas for the Orange Crush fabric and perhaps this weekend I will make a small mock up to see how it works. Or figure out how to scan the fabric into my computer and into my EQ7 program. I could do it on my old computer but I am having problems with my newfangle computer. The weekend is coming and the projects just keep on piling up.

Time to get back upstairs and get ready for my day to start at work. Still not very busy. The company offers Voluntary Time Off without pay. I rarely take it. I need a whole paycheck to make my bills and feed my fabric habit!!

In stitches,

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