Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My kind of snow

It snowed overnight here in southwestern Ohio. And it is my kind of snow. It is sticking to the grass and not the sidewalks, driveways, or roads. Of course, it has been exceptionally warm this winter and all the surfaces are warm and nothing cold will stick to them. But it is still my favorite kind of snow!!

I am coming along nicely on my list for this week of sewing. The three pairs of sleep pants are done, the skirt is mended for the gal at work, the binding is on the quilt and I am working on hand stitching it down. The only thing not yet finished is the pants I am shortening for my neighbor's step dad. But that should be done by the weekend. Sunday is a trip to the Fabric Shack in Waynesville, Ohio. I need some fabric for a project and I know I can get it there.

A half day working at home and the other half in the office, so I best be getting upstairs to get my day started. Any few minutes will be used to work on the binding. Always on a schedule!!

In stitches,

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