Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Friday!!

I had such plans for my day today, but the wind storm we experienced in my part of Ohio last night changed my plans. My power went out last night right before midnight. I was able to find my flashlight with its very weak batteries and my battery operated radio. Note to self, time to get more batteries just in case. Power came back on at noon. I ended up missing about two hours of work and had to take a drive around the neighborhood to recharge my phone. But all is well and I am back at work and lost nothing in my frig to spoilage. 
 I was able to hang my new fall wall hanging on my front door and I think it looks pretty good. I call it Ticker Tape Fall. Linking up with Finish it up Friday

In stitches,


Frances said...

Love the fall colours on your ticker tape. A neat little project.

Julie Hatch said...

What a neat way to decorate your front door, I like it!

Kat said...

Great little quilt, and what a good idea for door decoration!