Monday, November 4, 2013

Cutting and sewing

I have spent most of today cutting and getting ready to sew. I have to decided to skip my guild meeting tonight and stay home to sew on the baby quilt. I read the newsletter and there is no program or speaker tonight, just sewing room sale. For $5 you can set up your wares for sale. I have enough wares now and am on a no buy diet except for certain projects. If I stay home, I cannot get into trouble.

I had to go out and buy some pink background fabric this morning. My quest sounds like the three bears. The first background was too light, the second background was too dark and the third background is just right. I have a good audio book on my Kindle Fire and I am ready to go. I have no pictures to share now but check back tomorrow. I hope to have the top ready for machine quilting!

In stitches,

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