Monday, May 16, 2011


Working from home is wonderful! I have been working from home for several weeks and I really enjoy it. Overtime is offered to the work at home (wah) associates more often than the people working in the office. I had an opportunity to work 4 hours of overtime yesterday. Of course, that did cut into my sewing time. I am trying to get bags done for my friend who line of kids clothing will include my bags. The launch is the end of this month. I have 6 large bags quilted and they need to be assembled. I have 6 medium bags started and still have  small bags in the thinking stage. I also want to make some change purses. I am working on these every waking minute of my day. It also helps that my commuting time is nil.

Nicole, Jennifer and I did our Friday night crafting this weekend. We did find out that alcohol and sewing are not friends. Nicole had one drink with dinner and that impaired her sewing just a bit. But after several tries she was able to finish her bag for her mom. And she did get to open her new sew ripper!! I think we forgot to put in the interior pocket. Oh well!! We had a good time. Jennifer was working on an embroidery project and doing a little bit of hand piecing. I worked on quilting the large bags. I ran into a bit of bad thread and a cranky sewing machine. But I was able to get a few bags quilted once I got my machine cleaned, oiled, lost the bad thread and changed the needle and the foot. 

In stitches, 

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