Tuesday, October 22, 2013

All Done!!

I do not have any pictures to share, but my Halloween emergency sewing is complete. I went to JoAnn's last night and bought felt, hair barrettes, glue, and chenille stems. This morning I drafted the letters {HERSHEY'S} cut them out of grey felt and glued them to the brown felt. Sewed the front to the back and now Nick will be a Hershey Bar. I cut out black seeds for Tania to pin to her red dress. She going to be a strawberry. I also fixed a head piece she can clip into her hair. Leaves and a stem. And I made her a collar of leaves. And Elly is going to be a chocolate covered strawberry. I started and finished today. And it has been mailed and will be in Brooklyn by 3pm Friday. The party is on Saturday. I hope to have pictures to post by the weekend.

I have a little bit of sewing yet to do on the 18 dog scarves for my neighbor. Three dogs and six different prints. Halloween, Fall, Flames, Patriotic, Flamingos, and Owls. Such a busy person I am. But I would not change it for the world.

In stitches,

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