Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I would like to say that I have been quilting so much that I am unable to keep up with my blog. But it is not true. I can say that I am working so much overtime that I cannot do any thing else. That would be the truth. I am doing about 20 hours of overtime a week and working 6 days a week. I am getting ready to leave now to go to work. The only sewing I have done is fixing the elastic  in my niece's first communion dress. I did some quilting on the Olympic table runner and that is almost done.

I came into the office the other day and found this on my keyboard. A beanie baby bat. After my earlier experience with the bat in my kitchen, my desk is now being guarded by this bat!!!

We celebrated Easter on April 18th and the family was all there except for my kids in New York and my brother in law. The family got to meet the newest member of the clan, Maddie. She is my niece's daughter that was born just before my birthday in March. This is a picture of my godchild, Lily holding Maddie. I am thinking this is my first entry for the fair in July.

We took our annual walk after eating dinner and we stopped in to see Joyce and Junior and to see what was new at their little farm. Miniature horses. And a promise of baby miniature horses for next Easter.

We also played baseball and every team needs a mascot. This is Vincent our mascot. We are not Irish but this what he found in the toy room at my sister's.

I am really hoping to get to the sewing room soon. I keep taking fabric out for other people's projects but nothing for me. I am usually tired and ripping out is not something I want to do. And I know that would happen right now if I tried to sew. I look at magazines and I went to the guild meeting on Monday and let our members tempt me  with their completed projects. I want to quilt!!!

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