Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is for my sister, Karen. She asked me when was I going to post something on my blog? Today is the day. I have been working lots of overtime and my new car fund is growing. I am not sure what kind of car I am going to get. I do have some must haves on the list. It must have heat (my current car had lukewarm heat this past winter), it must have four doors as I still take my niece and nephew for rides in the car and it is murder trying to get car seats into the backseat without four doors. So far that is the only things on my list.

I went to a cabin on Lake Cumberland last weekend to quilt with our quilt group. I now am the proud owner of one completed block and 71 blocks in various stages of being done. Also I have the binding on my Olympic Project 2010 but it needs to be hand stitched down. Pictures will follow soon. I also am the proud owner of  $100  worth of fabric. Some more 30's prints for a different quilt and some brights to finish an orange, purple and flowered top that needs just bit to be ready for quilting. I had taken several projects to work on but I had too much fun setting on the patio and watching the water, the birds, and enjoying a fire every night. Good friends and great food!!

Here is what I did once I got off of work today. I decided I needed to hang up a quilt in my landing. I made this quilt years ago to hide the fuse box in my condo. It is 3 dimensional bowties that were machine pieced and hand quilted. A few of my bears and a sign from my kitchen. I need to make a trip to JoAnn's tomorrow to get a patriotic sign to put up there.

Tomorrow I am meeting some friends for lunch and hoping to get some flowers for the yard. And to work on my mom's purse. It is Mother's Day 2009. I am kind of behind on lots of things. Pictures will follow. I am seeing her on Monday after I get off of work. It would be nice for her to have for this summer. I am using lots of brights for this purse.

In stitches,

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karen said...

thanks judy. i liked your post. i am trying to get jerry to get a fire pit thing this year for the yard. i like to sit around a fire and talk too.