Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Design Wall

It's a big surprise that I have something on the design wall today. This quilt is the inspiration for my flower purchases yesterday. I am now trying to decide how to finish it. Do I want to add borders or just let it fly on it on it's own!

Here is the quilt!

I have 3 fat quarters of the stripe and I can either use it as a narrow border or the binding.

I have more of the white floral and I can just bind the quilt with it and be done with it in time for the picnic season to begin.

Third option is to add a border of the black floral and also use it for the binding. This fabric also has orange and yellow flowers like the pink flowers and the purple fabric.

Decisions!!  Decisions!! Opinions from the blog world would be nice. And there is no more purple fabric left from the body of the quilt. But I am sure there is something I could add from my stash. Or add a narrow yellow border before adding binding.
Check  the pretty quilts on patchworktimes .

Happy Memorial Day to all who served to make our nation great!



scraphappy said...

I think your quilt is asking for a border. I love the setting squares and the space that they give to the star blocks.

Vivian said...

I liked the stripe and then I saw the next one and liked it too and then I saw the last one. Sorry, I hope someone else can be more helpful. Love the bright, orange quilt, though. Have a great weekend.

Quilter Kathy said...

I would probably make the white floral for the border and use the stripe as the binding...I love a striped binding!

karen said...

I am no quilter but i would go with the stripes. the first one, but i would do a small border of a yellow or the purple first. to kind of tie the quilt together. just a thought.

QuiltSwissy said...

I agree with Karen. A stop border to stop the action. But I like the white flowers!

I don't think you have enough of the stripes to do a border, but maybe.......