Thursday, May 6, 2010

The weekend is coming!

I have it on good authority that the weekend is coming and also the rain. It seems that any time I am not working a weekend's worth of overtime it rains. I think I can still do yard work in the rain as long as there is no lightning and I am not using long metal poles.

My goal is to do something sewing related every day. Tonight I am working in the sewing room for a bit before I go to bed. The sewing room is quite messy and needs lots of TLC. Pictures will follow once it is back to "normal".

I am getting some reading done in the form of audio books. I have done one this week so far and I am starting another one tomorrow. I read them and then give them to the gal who sits next to me and listens to and then I order more from the library. I used to listen on my ride to work but that is so much shorter now.

This is my angel, Thomas, who has been gone 13 years this past Monday.

In stitches,

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