Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tomorrow is Travel Day

I ended up coming home from work after 34 minutes with some stomach issues. I need to be fresh for my trip tomorrow. I was able to do two loads of laundry. I am not packed yet but I want to make sure that my clothes are dry. I do have a dryer but the door is bent and if I lean a trash can up against the door and tape it with duck tape I can use it. I needed to use today for sockes and underwear. Every thing else gets hung up on a line in my basement.  I am taking a few groceries and a couple of recipes because I will be cooking while I am up there. I called the quilt shop we visited last year and they are still open and we might go and visit it. I am looking for a few more 30's prints for my Feed Sack quilt.

I have no idea what the plans will be while I am there but I am packing for any scenario. The umbrella is coming along with my Yak Traxs . But the big ugly clunky boots are staying home!!! I will be taking a couple of trashy romance novels, a book on tape from a friend, some music and my portable cd player. No high class electronics for this gal.

I will take lots of pictures and update all of you when I get back.

In stitches,


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jilly said...

Enjoy your adding to that fabric stash, hehehehe. What quilter can resist not going into a quilt shop and leave empty handed;-)